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The Forshey Training System Sport Complex is the perfect place for you to take your training to the next level. We offer a court space for volleyball and basketball, as well as batting cages for our baseball and softball athletes. With coaches focused on your specific sport, FTS is ready to offer you focused skills training guaranteed to help you surpass the competition.


Tanner Omlid, Pro Basketball

"I love working out at FTS because I get an in depth analysis of my basketball game and a workout regime that translates onto the court." 


Lily Albret, Sprague

"FTS is more than a gym. It is a family. I love training here to make my game better each and every day. All while building so many great friendships."


Cole Hamilton, OSU

"You won't regret coming here. The atmosphere, coaching, and athletes are unmatched. FTS has helped me pursue my athletic career and has given me the next step up."

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